Mara – Ghost #GetLostInTheNight

Sidenote: this was intended to be an article piece for another website, yet I discovered just before posting it was released around 10 months ago. Alas, their loss // your gain.


Mara – GHOST

There’s an elemental practise integral to the nature of Mara’s work.

The bounds of minimalism know nothing: the track enveloping the listener in a hazed experience which hits the crossroad between psychedelia and gloating simplicity.

The outset intensifies the anxiety of the track, but the vocals serve to offset that edge of instability. It’s a work of delicately formed, layered beauty… The track so elusive I fear to write more about it, lest it taints the experience.

Soundcloud link: Mara – Ghost


awkward sunday tracklists

Imagine this tracklist as a manifestation of your Sunday mood in sound-form.

I haven’t posted in… quite a while, so what better way to get back into things than posting potentially the most awkward tracklist? No better way, I say.

Order of play = Chillest to the least chill.

Chillest~~~~ Dustin O’Halloran – We Move Lightly

Future Now – Bokmu Var!

Shura – White Light (Live at Village Underground)

Marika Hackman – Animal Fear

Years and Years – Ties (Live at Heaven) – Hell yeah I was there.

Grimes – Realti (because I haven’t written a post since any of her ~newer but discarded stuff~ came out, and you know where this blog’s affiliation lies.)

Least Chill~~~~ Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta 

If I could get emojis on this laptop, I would spam this post with emojis.

Willow – F-Q-C #7 (Frequency Number Seven)

I have mad respect for Willow (Smith).


It’s difficult to find writings about the Smith siblings which differentiate their artistry from their privilege, and I think that’s incredibly unfortunate. Like yes, we are aware that their family does pretty well within the entertainment business (see: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still airs, and is still watched by me, every evening), but let that not discredit what both Willow and Jaden are doing. They’re not just messing around in studios singing songs other people have penned for them and then having to have them heavily autotunned, they have genuine ability – and they’re actually doing something with it.

F-Q-C #7, heavily divorced from previous hair whipping antics, seems to have tied in the spiritual elements the Smith’s are most heavily critiqued for expressing. But, instead of slamming these interests for deluded teenage pretention, why not just take it for what it is within the artistic content and appreciate it – even if it is at face value – for the sake of the music’s intent. Too many times viewers discredit the artist for their intents, divorcing motivation from the final outcome. However, removing an element which was important for the artist reduces the final outcome: tailoring it to a viewer’s preconception as opposed to what it was meant to be, which is a problem. You can’t just immediately make something out to be a certain way because you feel it should be so, art doesn’t work like that.

The vibe exuding from the track is largely just hella-cool. Like, it is interesting – which isn’t an adjective I tend to use with regards to music. However, this track is the exception. It has been orchestrated in such a way that I feel that if my consciousness were to drift momentarily, even a fraction of a second, I will have missed something. This potentially has something to do with the xylophone – the rogue instrument taking centre stage threw my awareness off slightly. The combination of the xylophone with the incredible tone of Willow’s voice overall credits the track. It secures it as a piece of artistry, something genuine that we shouldn’t let media preconceptions about the siblings cloud. It’s just hella cool, though me saying “hella” does cast doubt on my credibility as a measurer of what is cool.

And if you’re still throwing shade on the authenticity and validity of what both Willow and Jaden Smith are doing, I’ve listed some stuff below that should hopefully shift your viewpoint, or not… whatever, I can’t control you.

PCH – Jaden Smith ft. Willow Smith

Let it Breathe – Jaden Smith ft. Willow Smith

Blue Ocean – Jaden Smith

Gods (live at Broccoli City Festival) – Jaden Smith

I’m not saying separate the art from the artist, because I think that many a time that could potentially be problematic, and that for some, art is just an extension of the artist. I am, however, saying that in this particular case do not let negativity surrounding factors that are beyond their control negatively impact the reception and the validity of what the Smith’s are doing.

(Oh, and Willow Smith is 14 years old.)



It’s obvious that I haven’t been posting on here since… November. I am aware. Yes. And it’s probably obvious by now that I have absolutely no excuse. But I will start again… soon. I’m thinking by June (after exams have been and gone) you will be getting regular musical wonderings (aka posts) once again. I apologize for the undue and unexplained absence.

Though, I have still been ~~musically involved~~ during our absence:

Update concert/gig wise:

  • I have seen Swim Deep, Wild Cub, Wolf Alice, The 1975, Sundara Karma, Banks (absolutely incredible) and Eclair Fifi  I think that’s it…
  • I did not go to Bombay Bicycle Club‘s album launch as I was too ill after being at an anti-human trafficking lecture in Westminster all night the night before. I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT
  • I did not go to see Bastille and Dan Croll because we had exams and so decided #priorities I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT
  • I should be seeing Daughter at their Summer Series at Somerset House 
  • I may possibly go to Reading Festival for a day as everyone I know will be there… I did want to go to Latitude, but nobody else was planning on going #shame #sadness #unfulfilleddreams 

Anyways, I shall see you in the (hopefully) not too distant future 






In order to bring myself back to some sort of reality after my recent (forever ingrained within the internet…), overstimulated, excitable babble over Rivka, I am injecting some sort of rock and roll edge to steady me in the form of Darlia.

Darlia – a derivation of the flower Dahlia – capture quintessential youthful British Rock, recognisable without a need for googling their geographical info. Their sound shouts of latent youthful days, appropriate considering they only released their debut EP “Knock Knock” a month ago. The three tracks encased within this impressive debut have a remarkably professional edge to them, whist retaining every fraction of punky-rock and roll they are able to muster… which is a lot.

RIVKA ~ “Drift”


RIVKA leaves me speechless, which is slightly insufferable with my purpose of being here being to describe in word-form what you could easily just listen to yourself in sound-form, which I now recommend you do for “Drift”. It combines almost everything I have every pinpointed as loving in a song, and presents it in a muted fashion so as not to become unbearable or agitated, but weightless, ethereal… finding a perfect balance and holding the listener there in some celestial fantasia. 

RIVKA’s “Drift”  is a track which has unquestionably secured itself within my “all time favorites”, for the way it grabs you in, sends you away, twists and twirls around you then tosses you into the clouds and cushions you down to the ground again, all the while whispering melancholic wonders into your ears, leaving you in a state of eternal ethereal contemplation and illusion. *

*NOTE: The overwrought adjectives and imagery result because of my inability to put into words what this track puts into sound, so don’t listen to me, listen to it. Ignore my overstimulated, mindless babble. 

Folly & The Hunter ~ “Watch for Deer at Dawn”


This post is being formed in lieu of struggling through a history essay which is fogging my mind and fraying it round the edges, making my thought process somewhat clouded and incoherent; which evidences what a focused and driven student I truly am…

Folly & the Hunter are another band heralding from Montreal, which already validates them, their music and their whole creation without any further explanation. Though, their music wavers slightly more so away from the underground~synthy~experimental type of music that I tend to associate with Montreal on that Rapture, being in itself more folky and obtainable to the wider listener – without sacrificing any of its musical integrity. The lyrics tell a tale of wonder with the musical score taking you up and floating you down in a surreally swift motion, with also an equal sense of underlying heartache; like a beautiful breakdown. I’m not one for deeming occasions where one should listen to a particular track… but if I was to, it would definitely be if you were to find yourself watching for deer at dawn… which for me, living in a deer park, seems highly pertinent.