ECSTASY. The band.

ecstasy band

Back in January of this year I wrote a review of the the newly emerging band, and creators of the most obscenely atmospheric music, “Ecstasy”, and talked about a few of their tracks.

Now, several months later, I thought it’d be interesting to re-post that review on the newly formed that Rapture, as well as include a more current review of a few of their tracks which are currently swimming about on their Soundcloud:

JUNE 2013

The start of “White Limos” makes me feel as though I am in a slow-motion video shoot for a rock concert; I can imagine slow moving, sweaty limbs caked in glitter flailing around in the fogged production. It’s definitely got an anthem feel, and starts off immediately building anticipation and tension, which is released by those obscenely pretty sparkly/twinkly noises that I am an unfortunate total sucker for. The layered vocals are timeless, beautiful and angelic, that just add, if that’s even possible, to the excitement that this song creates for me.

“Teenage Coma” – reignites that rock feel that I was teased with in “White Limos”, but yet again it is just another half-tease, ignited initially by the strong drum beats, and hardcore guitar lines. The vocals are more prominent and recognisable in this song, it has elements of a pop song within it that would be pumped through commercialised radio, but the overall production cancels out any negative connotations my brain may have been forming. The guitar’s solo is a cool break. And of course, what would a song with the word “teenage” in its title be without a fair few “woo woo woo’s” thrown in?

“Melt” – The song physically wraps me in silky sweet sugar and synth and lets me just melt away within its sound.

“The Funeral” – A cover of the “Band of Horses” 2006 track (the one with the wholly piercing vocals that feel like they’re bursting balloons, but in the best way possible, at least for the first 1/5 of the song.)

It took the original song to another level, whilst still retaining its integrity, which is what a really great cover should do. I really like it.


If you fancy reading a bit more about Ecstasy, then below I’ve posted my January 2013 review of the band.


Twitter currently is providing me with a constant stream of new artists and bands to check out, thanks to their followings. One of the latest of those sorts was a band with a name that has a variety of connotations that could suggest their music genre: ‘Ecstasy’. The name, coupled with the pastel infused colours of their icon, made them an instant, and curious, attraction.

Self-proclaimed “dream, synth-indie music makers”; their music has a refined and polished edge to it, sided with a definite strong and powerful feel, all covered over in a dreamy, pastel coloured, sheer blanket of synths and vocal layers, making them something of an extraordinary find so early in their music career, (they are self managed, and haven’t as yet held any gigs.)

The first track I played – and promptly got hooked on (I assume that’s why they chose the name ‘Ecstasy’ for their band) – was called White Limo’s. The track steadily washes over you from the onset with the rising of the volume, and the twinkling, stardust noises that are for sure there to knock you out and drag you into a haze of synthy-dreamy-indie music. The suspense is heightened and an alternative drum beat kicks in, followed by more hypnotising twinkly noises and then the voices; the melancholic chant which utters unrecognisable, but still oddly powerful words. The synthy chords being played are sad which is most likely the aspect that gets you initially hooked, especially when it is immediately juxtaposed with more rhythmic and upbeat ones seconds later.

The production and composition of this song is something to be appreciated; when you can tell how a song has been composed and put together and can recognise the work and skill that has gone into it to achieve the final product, the song generally turns out to be a hit… with me at least.

Finding them search-engine style may prove to be a slight challenge with them being in such an early stage of their career, but they do have a growing presence on all the main media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Soundcloud and Bandcamp (where a free download of their cover of ‘Funeral’ is currently available – so take advantage of it!) One of their first synthy tracks with more prominent vocals than the other two, ‘Shinjuku Bride’, is also available on iTunes should you wish to add it to your listening playlist.

Ecstasy is definitely a band with a lot of promise and originality (something that is definitely a hot commodity) and I hope to be seeing a lot more of them during the course of 2013 as their popularity and presence on the music scene continues to grow.

They are bringing the dreamy-sounding music to the forefront of the UK new, emerging music scene and I wish to imagine their live performances visually as being the Canadian artist Grimes with a sheer sparkly sheet over her, as that is the overall feeling I get from their music.




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