~~In which we feature the most exciting new, or devastatingly unappreciated, bands and musicians that you should get excited about.~~

In music there always seems to be something new, something just out, something so exciting that it has to be incessantly tweeted/blogged about until the whole world and his parakeet knows.


To start off, what seems to have apparently adopted the name: “Practically just born”, I thought I’d go for something so hideously new, that something is bound to come of it. This makes it also the perfect starting point for these ‘PJB’ posts, as well as perfect for being able to track their progress throughout their emerging career.

Welcome, as our first, and most recently discovered band/ musician – it’s not yet clear -: The Half Earth!

I’m not clear as to how exactly I found out about The Half Earth, but I know that I first heard their/his music on Soundcloud; and a few in-listening-session notes from that are documented below – as all true music listeners obviously go around pen in hand whilst listening to something new… I thought that was a given.


I am highly aware that the roughness of the notes, combined with the general curly-ness of my handwriting, can sometimes result in the illegible, but take from it what you will… it’s not exactly a review, so nothing that isn’t readable isn’t going to be highly detrimental to your overall music knowledge, it’s more of an introduction…

I recently saw Tom Odell perform at the Electric Ballroom in Camden – admittedly one of the best live shows I’ve been to in a while (yet that’s for another time), where one of his guest musicians was the brilliant Rae Morris – a profile of which is, yet again, for another time – and so I believe that there is some sort of connection between Rae Morris and The Half Earth, which is what helped me eventually find my way towards their/his sound; but really I think the music can speak for itself, without any prior introduction, considering it’s bursting with originality and ambition amongst the dream-infused melancholic fragility.

The Half Earth, their beautiful sound (and equally beautiful logo/ album art) can be found on:


Twitter: @readmagazines

And on Facebook:

So, go have a look, and leave your opinions/ feedback etc, in either the comments, via Soundcloud, or on Twitter.




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