solar year band photo

Montreal is admittedly the music hub of Canada, with the low price of rent being highly attractive to start out artists who need a place to stay and time to work on their material.

My all-time favourite musician (which will undoubtedly become clearer and clearer when reading my posts) is Grimes – one of the many musicians who ventured across Canada in search of brighter musical horizons… and cheaper accommodation. Now I am currently turning my attention to another Montreal-based musician who has been getting a lot of musical love around on the internet lately. Upon initially listening to the other-worldly sounds of Solar Year, I became instantly enthralled by the hypnotic experimental electronic music which seems to state Montreal as its genre.

The wake of the drum beat in the track “Brotherhood” sets the tone and the pace of the whole track, in which other layers and vocals become incorporated within, heightening the mystery of the track with every second of its passing.

It was only after listening to “Brotherhood” several times (produced nearly a year ago) and revelling in how Claire Boucher (Grimes)-esque it sounded, yet still somehow unique, that I realised that Grimes is actually featured on the track.

That became the instant when my need for wanting to spread the angelic darkness of the track, and the brilliant artist Solar Year, around with everyone I knew, fought simultaneously with having the urge to almost lock the track away selfishly with myself up in my room, immersing myself solely in its mysterious and ethereal beauty. I’ve ended up evidently siding with the former, for the sake of the amazing sounds of Solar Year.

Solar Year has posted several new tracks up on his Soundcloud within the last month, he’s fast becoming one of my favourites… have a listen;



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